Program Perks

TechArb student venture companies receive:

  1. Community: A major strength of TechArb is its community. In addition to the camaraderie that develops through shared challenges and successes, we hold an “All Hands Meeting” each week for companies to report out to their fellow entrepreneurs the progress they have made on their venture. 
  2. Mentoring: TechArb staff and mentors hold office hours throughout the week to offer members expert advice and guidance.  Additionally, each participating member will gain experience providing and receiving mentorship through peer coaching.
  3. Network: We prepare our portfolio companies to connect with the local, regional, and national entrepreneurial ecosystem. The UM network is especially keen on helping TechArb teams build and grow viable businesses. 
  4. Training: Several workshops are hosted at TechArb throughout the semester and are open to all TechArb companies.  These include topics such as Customer Discovery, Mobile Development, Branding, Marketing, Sales, and on the list goes.
  5. Funding: Companies that make substantial progress towards their milestones are eligible for equity-free grant funding.  In addition, teams receive priority notice of funding opportunities across campus and beyond.
  6. Space: Portfolio companies gain 24-hour access to newly renovated office space where they have Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee, conference rooms, lots of white boards, and of course, a Foosball table.