Winter 2014

Beyond Bounds
Beyond Bounds is a yearlong program that helps freshmen and sophomores get the most out of their college experience by developing a process to navigate the resources and opportunities that universities have to offer. Through a series of retreats, workshops, mentorship and self-directed projects, students discover their passions, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and engage in experiential learning.
Beyond Bounds students don’t just graduate with a degree and some facts from a textbook; they graduate ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world. They are confident being themselves. They have skills learned from hands on experiences. They have a supportive network of peers and professionals. And most importantly, they have a framework and the drive to make a real impact in the world.

Built was launched by Adam Bennett, a current MBA/MS student with the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan, to make sustainable building design and construction easier and more affordable for the residential and light commercial market sectors. For architects and engineers, Built takes the guesswork out of material and product selection by identifying the optimal basket of materials for their new building project.

Built collects relevant project attribute data and allows its users to prioritize project goals such as upfront cost, lifecycle cost, and carbon footprint. Built can then identify the best basket of products for a particular building project using advanced energy modeling and optimization algorithms and enables users to purchase this basket through the company’s fulfillment engine, which reduces complexity and cost in the procurement process.

LoopHope is an ecommerce site for socially and environmentally responsible apparel. LoopHope aggregates socially and environmentally responsible apparel into one, easy-to-use online retail site, allowing ethical consumers to find apparel that compliments their values and style. LoopHope also partners with ethical apparel brands to promote their products, scale their operations, and measure their social and environmental impact. Together, LoopHope unites ethical consumers and producers on an ecommerce platform in hope for a better world.

Nodify is a mobile app that automatically refines a user’s professional network into a manageable group of important contacts and, using predictive intelligence, suggests relevant reasons to stay in touch. Nodify keeps your network alive.

OverTheFly, LLC is a fashion accessory company that is the creator of the Astro Belt. We manufacture over 20 different colors of interchangeable plastic belts & buckles. Our company goal is to provide affordable, fashionable, and eco-friendly belts to buyers around the world, while making a meaningful social impact.

At Pelico, our mission is to develop affordable and sustainable solutions that expand individual capabilities. One of our initiatives is to create a stair-climbing wheelchair that is human powered. To achieve this, we are literally re-inventing the wheel, providing individuals with the ability to use an everyday wheelchair to ascend and descend staircases without additional assistance. In countries without policies like the Americans with Disabilities Act, people face significant obstacles due to the lack of amenities to meet their needs. This wheelchair will dramatically improve mobility – the number one struggle identified by Persons with Disabilities. As a manual wheelchair, it will be more affordable and cost-effective than the existing powered wheelchair prototypes. Using our respective expertise, the team at Pelico hopes to introduce a product that transforms wheelchair standards and is accessible to people with Spinal Cord Injuries in the US and abroad.

Simply Lobby
Simply Lobby is an integrated lobbying portal that allows clients to find and manage contract lobbyists, compile and submit expense reports, submit state lobbying compliance reports, and pay lobbying fees online.

Ultrakast is a new social networking website at Michigan connecting students through their classes and interests. It is the best way to make new friends who are in the same class as you and the best way to stay updated with what other people are doing in your classes. It’s like piazza with profile pages so you can check out your classmates at college and more!

Xpressly is an open platform where trained mentors work with mentees using carefully designed curriculums.
We offer an e-learning platform that applies the philosophies of asynchronous and flipped learning.
We have a scalable solution capable of educating various subjects, and are able to hire fleets of qualified mentors and train them to teach with our various curriculums.