Summer 2014

Summer 2014


CourseHack is an EdTech startup that instantly organizes students’ course assignments into their electronic calendars. A Bizdom portfolio company, currently integrated with the CTools learning management system at the U of M.


Elegus Technologies
Elegus Technologies increases the safety, durability, and longevity of li-ion batteries through the design and manufacture of custom lithium-ion battery separators.


Upliven (now GoodOne) 
Upliven is an interactive mobile phone application that aims to help those with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Upliven works by fostering positive emotions through action. By completing a daily task that focuses in one of 10 positive emotions (empathy, gratitude, kindness etc.), users are encouraged to think differently about themselves and the world around them. Based in many theories of what defines a healthy mind, upliven aligns with the theory that most people want to live meaningful lives by fostering their best characteristics. With upliven, individuals can create meaningful positive messages on a daily bases, and therefore, live life with greater feelings of well-being, and less symptoms of anxiety and depression.


FrostGear designs personal cooling products to provide thermal comfort for people in hot climates. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ experience in the outdoors and prevent heat exhaustion. The company’s first product is a device that is attached to a motorcycle helmet to provide active cooling to a motorcycle rider’s head in the summer time. The active cooling method uses a science-based approach that has been shown by Stanford University researchers to be an effective way to regulate body temperature. Future applications of our technology include the military, athletics, and others.

BetterHope curates products made with dignity. We curate clothing, accessory, gift and home decor products that make a meaningful social impact by creating safe and sustainable jobs for producers around the world.

MyDerm Portal
MyDerm Portal is a web-based application which allows dermatologists to provide follow-up treatment via the internet for the most common types of diagnosis in significantly less time and with fewer resources compared to in-person visits. MyDerm Portal allows dermatologists’ to see more complex patients who require in-person visits while still addressing patients with less severe conditions needing follow-up treatment.


MyoAlert is a wearable tech startup that aims to reduce the number of avoidable deaths and permanent heart damage stemming from acute cardiac events. Our goal is to eliminate patient delays by promptly alerting them at the onset of an acute cardiac event through innovative technologies.


New Aegis
Concussions are a top concern for football players across America. The medical community has demonstrated that both concussive and sub-concussive head impacts increase a player’s risk for long-term health and mental health issues, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). At New Aegis, we are committed to improving helmet safety through innovations focused on the protective lining. Our patent-pending smart-padding is a foam composite capable of both reducing the initial magnitude of impact forces by 30% and diminishing the resulting shockwave when compared to traditional foam lining, thereby offering players increased protection and their families improved peace of mind.


Xpressly is an open platform where trained mentors work with mentees using carefully designed curriculums.
We offer an e-learning platform that applies the philosophies of asynchronous and flipped learning.
 We have a scalable solution capable of educating various subjects, and are able to hire fleets of qualified mentors and train them to teach with our various curriculums.


OverTheFly, LLC is a fashion accessory company that is the creator of the Astro Belt. We manufacture over 20 different colors of interchangeable plastic belts & buckles. Our company goal is to provide affordable, fashionable, and eco-friendly belts to buyers around the world, while making a meaningful social impact.


Our first initiative is to create a stair-climbing wheelchair that is human powered. To achieve this, we are literally re-inventing the wheel, providing individuals with the ability to use an everyday wheelchair to ascend and descend staircases without additional assistance. In countries without policies like the Americans with Disabilities Act, people face significant obstacles due to the lack of amenities to meet their needs. This wheelchair will dramatically improve mobility – the number one struggle identified by Persons with Disabilities. As a manual wheelchair, it will be more affordable and cost-effective than the existing powered wheelchair prototypes. Using our respective expertise, the team at Pelico hopes to introduce a product that transforms wheelchair standards and is accessible to people with Spinal Cord Injuries in the US and abroad.

ResMaps is a resume analytics service that lets you see who is viewing your resume and what they are looking at. Users can track metrics like the city and country of their visitors, as well as see what they are paying attention to using heat maps and session replay. Use insights on anywhere from your cover letter to interview to get your dream job.

Simply Lobby
Simply Lobby is an integrated lobbying portal that allows clients to find and manage contract lobbyists, compile and submit expense reports, submit state lobbying compliance reports, and pay lobbying fees online.

Elevate Enterprises
The mission of our company is to develop day to day devices and tools that make the lives of the elderly easier. Our firm’s first product will be a stepstool for home usage that is more stable, easier to balance on, and more mobile that any product currently on the market. It will have a wider, sturdier base, railings on three sides for balance, a tray to hold items in use, and two wheels so that it can be easily moved. Our stepstool will allow senior citizens to live safer and more independent lives while reducing their risk and their ever-present fear of falling.


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IndustryStar offers growing businesses world-class supply chain management software and services. Our solutions allow companies to focus on their core strengths while leveraging our deep industry expertise in commercializing exciting world changing products. We offer turnkey world class Supply Chain As A Service, expediting the new product commercialization process while reducing supply chain system risk on an ongoing basis.