Summer 2013

M Prep
M Prep is an online education company that focuses on premedical test prep. We’re developing a comprehensive set of materials from coursework to practice content that is scalable and affordable for students without sacrificing quality.

Our mission is to bridge the political divide through digital technologies. We have a website that allows people pay their political dissenting friends to read convincing articles recommended by the system which might sway their opinions. promotes the music of aspiring artists through genre-specific online tournaments.

Everyday people are using reusable drinking bottles. From a parent using a baby bottle with formula to an athlete mixing a protein shake after a workout, bottles and their users come in all different shapes and sizes. However, we found that all bottles and their users have one pain point in common. Difficulty in cleaning! This is where flipsi, ltd. comes in. Flipsi uses patent pending reversible silicone bottle technology to create a bottle that you can simply flip inside out to clean. No longer will you have to worry about whether or not the inside of your bottle is clean or struggle with brushes that don’t fit. With our bottle you can see and feel the bottom, and easily reach all inner surfaces by flipping it inside out! Plus, silicone is naturally easy to clean, resistant to both heat and cold, and BPA free. Our technology lends itself to many types of bottles, and our mission is to produce reusable bottles that completely takes cleaning out of the equation through simple, safe, intuitive design.

A residential electricity monitoring, management, and analysis suite for home energy auditors.

A2B Bikeshare
A2B Bikeshare is a startup company founded by Keith Porter and Ansgar Strother, currently students at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Their idea, affordable bike sharing, sparked out of an business development class through the college’s Center for Entrepreneurship where they had the opportunity to explore an idea and take it as far to completion as they could during a semester. One semester wasn’t enough for them though, they were hooked. Ansgar and Keith’s next step was to work extensively to learn what cities, universities, and corporate campuses – all of which are potential customers – would want from a bike sharing system. Most recently, Keith and Ansgar have been forming that vision into a viable product while adhering to their mission of “Building a better bike sharing system Turning bikes into an everyday convenience.”

BitBox is the best way to trade bitcoin!

myfab5’s website and app help people create top 5 rankings of restaurants as a simple yet highly effective way to find and recommend great establishments. Our users don’t write long reviews; they simply share lists of their favorite places in a category (i.e. myfab5 places for Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago).

Handmade clothing and accessory company, produced by women’s sewing collective in metro Detroit.

A web/mobile application device designed to gamify weight loss/keeping a healthy weight for children.