Summer 2012

Ideas Track

Aether Fund
Reengineering wind-energy project finance using crowdfunding platform

Arbor Solar Technologies
We provide the natural illumination and health benefits of sunlight into buildings, subsidizing the use of artificial lighting in the workplace though out the day.

is developing a mobile Facebook app that will provide people the opportunity to check in at a Church and receive a virtual coupon for a local restaurant.
A digital media platform that aims to teach users technical skills by providing interactive content, courses and local resources. Women and minorities are traditionally underrepresented and undervalued in the tech industry, so will strategically tailor its digital content to these communities.

Libra Water
Libra Water a bottled-water company that seeks to mitigate global water disparities by financially supporting NGOs through its sales – every ounce sold is an ounce captured.

We facilitate interaction between patients with similar conditions to crowd-source solutions to common challenges in illness.

Music Unearthed
A web platform to allow artists to acquire new fans, connect with existing fans, and monetize their music.

a social marketplace where real users, verified by a network email address, can make any type of transaction online.

Nomadic Design
Offers affordable stylish furniture for Ann Arbor residents

developing a web and mobile platform for interest-based event and opportunity discovery on college campuses.

We create social games that enable college students to learn and study collaboratively.

Real Good Food
a food-focused social network for sourcing, sharing and selling local homemade, homegrown and artisan foods
aggregates & organizes digital content. Control information overload & achieve work/life balance with a unified, intuitive workspace.

Seat-Side-Service L.L.C.
a mobile application available to Smart-phones which allows consumers at entertainment venues to have an “HD” experience at their seats with features which include vending services, live trivia, media highlights, and live news feeds.

SMRT Delivery LLC |
Our platform magnetically controls encapsulated fluids within liquid media. Its applications span from inkjet printing to chemical synthesis.

building a LBS application that helps users discover people with common interest and engage in real life social events in a spontaneous and random manner.

Tree Frog Lumber
making Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) made entirely of recycled plastics to provide safer, healthier, and more energy efficient buildings.

creating a suite of apps to measure balance and assess fall risk analysis amongst the elderly, diabetics, and people recovering from sports injuries. We are also looking at the use of the app in athletics and strength training.

makes unique cell phone cases that increase both the phone’s functionality and style

online trivia platform that allows anyone to create and share media rich trivia games.
Team: Ricardo Rodriguez (MSE CSE ’11), Ujjwal Jain (MSE EE ’11), Shamik Ganguly (MSE CSE ’11)

Venture Track

Brio Device, LLC

develops airway medical devices with technology to assist first responders who insert breathing tubes for patients in emergencies.
Team: Hannah Hensel (MBA ’10), Laura McCormick, PhD, Douglas Mullen (MSE ‘07/PhD ’10 Macromolecular Science and Engineering), and Sabina Siddiqui, MD (Medical Innovation Center Fellows ’11)

Legends Card
a college lifestyle card that gives you perks and discounts at all your favorite spot around campus

developing an electronic fuel injection system with a low enough cost to convert the majority of the 70 million small engines produced each year.

EXO Dynamics LLC (formerly Ritmosim)
Helping hospitals protect their surgeons’ backs without restricting their performance, through a novel electromechanical brace.

SkySpecs, LLC
provides a low cost and automated solution for monitoring the health of public infrastructure using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

Torch Hybrid Marine
revolutionizing the way boats are powered by supplying boat manufacturers with next generation hybrid electric jet propulsion.
Team: Justin D’Atri (MS SNRE ’12), Matt Sexton (MS NAME/ME ’12), Matt Lankowski (MS NAME/ME ’12), Siddharth Menon (ME ESE ’12), Ira Shaughnessy (MBA/MS ’12)

Warmilu LLC (Formerly M-Wrap)
450 infants die every hour every day worldwide; Warmilu LLC spreads the warmth with nonelectric and instant heat technology to save lives.

designing for positive social impact with communities and companies in Detroit.

a web and mobile service that delivers innovative, fan-to-fan sports broadcasting in styles not available on major networks. Team: Andrew Smith (MBA ’12), Josh Smith (MBA/MSI’13)