Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Change of Mind

Change of Mind is a mobile community for students to anonymously connect with their peers for empathy-based conversation and support.



Boldr tracks real-time foot traffic at bars and restaurants to quantify the effectiveness of online marketing.


New Aegis

New Aegis is committed to improving helmet safety through innovations focused on the protective lining. 


You Never Know

A foursquare for meeting new people.



Lullaby is a startup working on a sleep-music app that enables people to listen to music more enjoyably while going to bed.



CooksForMe connects you to home chefs in your community and bringing you closer to home-cooked meals – the best meals for a healthier and more nutritious life.



GoodOne is a mobile app that aims to improve mental health by loving who you are and creating meaningful moments in connection with others. The app provides small tasks, or Daily Do’s, that encourage personal growth in character traits that are shown by research to improve well being.



Deviceful is dedicated to created mobile software for education and interactive experiences that put important information directly in the hands of students, parents, and teachers in a creative way.

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Stumped gives college students a peek into their academic community and classmates’ activity on campus.  Not only can you see who is working on what around you through our real time map-based application, but with our daily polls and analytics, you can see what your classmates are feeling as well.  Are you prepared for the exam? Are you stuck on the problem set? Did you understand the lecture today? When kept to yourself, these questions can leave students feeling lonely and lost. Harnessing the potential of academic communities, Stumped offers a way for classmates to connect with each other, collaborate on school work and carry on with their life.  Study smarter with Stumped!