Fall 2012

A2B Bikeshare
Developing an affordable bike sharing system, including all hardware and software needed, to sell to cities, universities, and corporations.

Medical diagnostic tools for rural areas in developing countries, starting with a hand-powered centrifuge to increase diagnostic capability in rural India.

Exo Dynamics LLC
Helping hospitals protect their surgeons’ backs without restricting their performance, through a novel electromechanical brace.

An online portal for authorized dealers of luxury watch brands, that connects online leads with local dealers allowing them to communicate directly with consumers throughout the entire sales process.

Developing a digital ticking solution for college athletics that will allow athletic departments to expand their revenue and deliver a unmatched fan experience.

Delivers effective and affordable online test prep services to pre-medical students preparing for the MCAT, a key part of the med school admissions process.

An online business review platform that replaces the flawed “star-rating and reviews” technology with a dynamic “rank and rave” platform.

Building an app that will allow users to create ╩║stories╩║ where participants of the story can post photos, blurbs and checkins.

Offers free photo gallery software for mobile devices to simplify photo management, trading and ordering.

Developing a product that allows people to connect to their loved places in the context of Augmented Reality (AR), in which they can leave and share their related memories and emotions.

Seat Side Service LLC
A mobile application available to Smart-phones which allows consumers at entertainment venues to have an “HD” experience at their seats with features which include vending services, live trivia, media highlights, and live news feeds.

Creating a centralized location for music where users can watch and listen to their favorite music and discover new music.

Th Moov
A group focused college social app.

Makes unique cell phone cases that increase both the phone’s functionality and style.