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University of Michigan Student Venture Accelerator

What is TechArb?

TechArb is the venture accelerator for University of Michigan student entrepreneurs.  The program empowers these students to bring their ideas to life outside of the classroom through an intensive entrepreneurial experience.  Teams involved in the program should be highly motivated to build and launch their venture.

TechArb offers invaluable perks to early stage startups, such as dedicated office space among a community of peers, pairings with seasoned mentors (both regionally and in the Bay Area), access to free legal counsel and design consultation, and opportunities for equity-free funding.  Teams are required to attend weekly standup meetings and biweekly office hours, make substantial progress toward their milestones, and take advantage of the resources at their disposal.

Early stage companies are encouraged to apply if they are designing a new technology, product, or service, or have identified a market need and are exploring if a business can be created around it.

TechArb is a joint initiative between the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, with additional support provided by the University of Michigan Office of Research and Innovate Blue.